PR and Branding strategy for DEX?

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MediaX provides extensive market research on existing DEX competitors’ services and designs a strategy on how your DEX can be uniquely positioned.

September 26, 2021 — PR and branding are essential for any cryptocurrency project because it helps to create demand, reputation, hype, and a strong community. Decentralized exchanges, in particular, are rising in popularity, and new DEXs need proper PR and branding strategy to add new members to their community.

Understanding How Decentralized Exchanges Work?

People can buy and sell cryptocurrency on a Decentralized Exchange without intermediaries thanks to smart contracts. A person can exchange their current token for a different type of token. In addition, it allows users to exchange their cryptocurrency for fiat currencies.

How does PR and Branding for DEX works?

Centralized exchanges remain the most popular type of cryptocurrency exchange, but decentralized exchanges are on the rise. There is a need to build strong communities by disseminating information about the benefits of trading on DEX. In addition, a decentralized exchange can create an identity in the crypto space by establishing credibility through proper PR and branding.

A new decentralized exchange must hire the right team to handle user perception and identity. MediaX is a team of experts who can help your DEX create the image and identity it desires. They have an impressive CV that only a few in the crypto space can match, having assisted over 120+ crypto projects in creating an identity over the last three years. MediaX ensures that the right branding strategy is designed for the image and identity you want for your DEX.

They provide extensive market research on existing DEX competitors’ services and design a strategy on how your DEX can be uniquely positioned. MediaX will also ensure that your DEX receives the media exposure required to establish the proper identity among investors.

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